In armor gleaming, a swag knight's stride,
Coins jingling by his valiant side.
A quest for wealth, his purpose clear,
To gather coins, banish all fear.
Evil lads, with schemes unkind,
Challenged this knight of noble mind.
With sword in hand and unwavering grace,
He stood his ground, in every place.
Through trials tough and battles grim,
He fought for coins, on a righteous whim.
Defeating darkness, he held the light,
Collecting coins, a brave swag knight.
With every clash, his courage shone bright,
Yet, in his heart, a subtle insight.
Beyond the wealth and fights he'd won,
True riches lie in what's truly done.
A swag knight brave, with coins amassed,
His spirit richer than wealth amassed.
For in his quest, beyond the fight,
Kindness prevailed, his beacon's light.
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